Jennifer E. Mandell, Contract Legal Services

About Jennifer E. Mandell, Contract Legal Services

For over a decade, I represented individual clients in family law matters, including separation, divorce, equitable distribution, child custody and visitation, child support, paternity, spousal support/alimony, enforcement, modification, and appeals.  While maintaining my own family law practice, I have also served as Senior Associate Counsel, Of Counsel, and as a contract attorney for other law firms in Northern Virginia handling family law cases, general civil litigation, and other legal matters. 

My goal is to apply my unique blend of skills in researching, writing, and synthesis and organization of complex data and documents to your clients' cases without for less cost to you than adding an experienced associate attorney to your staff.  Eliminating the overhead and commitment associated with maintaining an employee and the add-on fees imposed by legal temporary agencies can provide you with greater flexibility in managing your clients' overall legal fees.  It will also provide you with more time to focus on your clients and the courtroom.   

To learn more about my experience and qualifications, you may view my attorney profile here.